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It is more important than ever for small businesses to stay relevant and to be seen as an information source for their customers and clients – not an irritation. Today, consumers are increasingly opting out of online ads, blocking content and otherwise customizing what makes it into their feeds. Let Four Points Marketing ensure that you stay in their sights and become the resource that customers look to in your industry. It’s vital to be seen as the valued resource, in addition to offering quality products and services, so customers will seek you out. A key to this is Content Marketing – our specialty.

“Content Marketing” is creating content that is informative, relevant, timely and desirable for your customers and potential clients, that inspires them to seek you out as a resource. This creates an interested, activated audience for target marketing messages about your products and services, reducing the need to chase after customers. They will seek you out.

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Four Points Marketing specializes in maximizing results for smaller-sized businesses, through the development of cohesive, inspired marketing strategies and intriguing content creation, leading to enhanced online presence, clearly communicated messages, greater brand awareness and deeper customer loyalty. All leading to increased sales and strong customer retention.

Watermarks  Newsletter for Friends of the Lake Oswego Public Library
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Published article and content for RaceCenter Magazine’s 2015 Event Guide
Art Direction for AA Sports ads (throughout magazine)
Event Briefs and “box ads” for AA Sports events (pp 63-75)
2014 Bakers Dozen Series Recap article

Art Direction and Production Management for Pacific Crest Weekend Handbook, 2014 & 2015
2015 Pacific Crest Handbook
2014 Pacific Crest Handbook