Our Story

Found in Translation

Four Points Marketing, founded in 2016, had its genesis decades earlier when Stephanie began a career in large event management and marketing at small PNW companies. Wearing many hats with each small business was a natural fit. In working with local and national partners and a diverse group of clients, she gained experience across marketing and communications disciplines, and flexed her writing skills for websites, communications and marketing pieces. This included content creation for magazines and high production event programs, websites, social media platforms, and for internal and external communication pieces. This variety of experience provided insights into creative and effective ways to clarify brand message, maximize impact and garner strong activation through premium content and placement.

It’s the mission of Four Points Marketing to provide smaller-sized companies with high quality, multifaceted marketing and communications support, with an emphasis on effective content development. From analysis and planning through implementation and assessment, Four Points Marketing brings key experience, strategies and practices to generate increased market share and ROI.

Why Four Points?

What’s in a name? “Four Points” represents working in all directions to bring a well-rounded, cohesive marketing strategy and brand message into play. And ensuring that content and communications appeal to key sectors of your audience and target clients. Four Points hints at adventures in new directions and discovering the paths that will bring the strongest return on investment. The best adventures are ones driven by passion, inspiring others to join and become brand advocates. You’re passionate about what you do, and it’s contagious! Let’s tell your story with content that will enhance the experience for current clients and draw in new customers. We’ll build your brand community.

What Does This Mean For You?

Four Points Marketing is here to help guide and support your marketing and communications efforts, allowing you to focus on the services and products you know best. Whether you’re charting out a new brand and need to establish presence in the market; making course corrections in response to an ever evolving market environment; or in need of extra hands on deck to support your marketing and communication, Four Points Marketing provides experienced support with passion, innovation, quality and consistency.

Kudos & Testimonials

“Stephanie has meticulous attention to detail and is a master at multi-tasking. Having someone on your team with such a diverse skill set is always a plus – whether it’s content creation, copy editing, project management or just knocking out a list of to-do’s – she can make it happen.” – Brook Gardner, Editor, RaceCenter Magazine

“Stephanie has transformed our group’s website, newsletter and communications by not only improving the editing and production process, but by also creating engaging content that is relevant to our organization and the general public. I feel very fortunate to have Stephanie on my team!’ – Nancy Niland, President, Friends of the Lake Oswego Public Library

“Stephanie quickly and efficiently helped me create a marketing brochure for my small business. She intuitively edited content and had a keen stylistic eye. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I absolutely would work with her in the future.” – Amy Haroldson, Founder, Limelight Performance Arts Management