The Advantages of Content Marketing

Businesses today are competing with a lot of noise from marketing campaigns that bombard them with aggressive advertising. Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy at avoiding these “interruptive marketing” campaigns – by unsubscribing, using ad-blockers to browse websites without interruption, customizing what shows up in their news feeds and generally tuning out the marketing being pushed at them.

This makes it imperative to ensure your business isn’t ignored.

With consumers becoming increasingly adept at limiting the amount of online information that reaches them, a business which becomes a reliable, sought out resource through quality, informative and consistent content will have an open communication channel to an interested, engaged audience. This magnifies promotional efforts and expands brand awareness.

Market with the goal of leading customers to see your brand, as a valued information provider – not an interruption – and you’ll earn their trust and attention. Well executed Content Marketing is emerging as a cost-effective and successful strategy to engage with customers in this ever changing online marketing environment.

What is content marketing? Content Marketing Institute defines it as: “… a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Quality content marketing will keep your products and services from getting lost in the noise. It educates and engages, building a community with your customers and potential clients. In providing truly relevant and useful content, the return of your promotional efforts is multiplied, because you communicate directly with an audience that is already “listening”.

The first step is to truly know your customers, what they value and what they seek. Show them you “get” them by supplying the latest, relevant information about your industry. Do you have a green product or service? Blog and post about current trends, latest innovations or find “green” inspirational quotes. Do you have a quality product that lasts? Find articles about the benefits of lasting merchandise as a alternative to the waste generated by disposable or “fast fashion” products to share with your customers. They’ll be inspired by the insights. Are you in the services industry? Share your Top Tips for managing finances, training your employees, or developing new partnerships for your non-profit organization. Highlight your expertise.

Everyone loves helpful hints, and if you’re a reliable source for good information, customers will want to be in conversation with you. Who doesn’t like to be part of the community? The bonus – your customers will become unofficial (or official) brand ambassadors, sharing what they think about your business with their friends and colleagues – word of mouth is a powerful, free marketing tool!

Now is the perfect time to reevaluate the way you communicate with current and potential customers. Whether you are in need of overall marketing strategy and management, stronger content for your website and blog, ideas for engaging social media posts, or other communications support, Four Points Marketing is here to help.

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